Red Light Whole Body Therapy

Classic Series BP560

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Shell Material Aluminum Alloy
Voltage 100 – 240V
Power Consumption 728W
Product Size 880 x 276 x 71mm (34.6 x 10.87 x 2.79“)”
Net Weight 18.5kg (40.8lb)
LEDs 560pcs
Lens Beam Angle 30 Degree
Wavelengths 630nm + 660nm + 810nm + 830nm + 850nm
Irradiance 152mW/cm2 @ 6″
131mW/cm2 @ 12″
117mW/cm2 @ 18″
101mW/cm2 @ 24″
EMF 0 µT @ 3″
Timer 0 – 30 Minutes
Dimmer 0 – 100%
Pulse Frequency 0 – 10,000Hz
Photon Mode Red, NIR, Red + NIR
Life Span 100,000 Hours
Warranty 3 Years

Pefect Heat Dissipation Techonology

We utilize aluminum cooling fins to affix all LEDs, incorporating our patented hydrodynamic heat dissipation technology, ensuring consistent thermal management throughout the device’s operation. As a result, all LEDs operate within a moderate temperature range from startup until the end of each day.

The proximity of specific LEDs to the power supply renders them more susceptible to elevated temperatures, thereby increasing the likelihood of light failure and reducing their lifespan. Therefore, an impeccable heat dissipation technology is of utmost importance.

Flat and Smooth Side Design

Our advanced technology guarantees optimal performance, eliminating any concerns about heat dissipation.

All vents for air circulation are in the rear, the absence of any kind of vents on both sides ensures a cleaner and more durable operating environment for all components. Moreover, it presents a more concise and exquisite appearance, with the surface being effortlessly and effectively cleanable.

Your sophisticated logo can be skillfully branded on the sides.

Aluminum Alloy Body

The material demonstrates exceptional thermal dissipation and durability, in addition to superior corrosion resistance compared to ordinary iron materials. The application of frosted surface treatment enhances its scratch-resistant properties, resulting in a more refined and luxurious appearance.

Furthermore, it distinguishes itself as one of the most recyclable and environmentally friendly materials when compared to its plastic counterparts.

Protective Acrylic Panel

Our patented acrylic panel possesses high light transmission properties, as well as exceptional heat resistance and water resistance. It is utilized to shield the device’s front surface, effectively safeguarding all optical lenses and lamp beads against potential damage caused by water, dust, scratches or other external factors.

With its remarkable light transmission capabilities, it maintains a photon energy level of up to 131mW/cm² at a distance of 12 inches.

Genuine Modular Design

The full body infrared light therapy panel consists of 8 small LED light therapy panels. All internal wires can be easily plugged in or removed. In case of one of LEDs failures, only the corresponding small panel needs to be replaced instead of the entire large panel.

This configuration provides users with the utmost convenience to replace any component within the shortest timeframe, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction. Moreover, this approach substantially reduces costs for users beyond a 3-year warranty period.

High-quality LEDs

The LED chips are all from a reputable listed company, Epileds. These chips boast a larger size ranging from 38-45mil, no smaller chips like 30mil size, ensuring exceptional performance and robust stability.

Each chip is meticulously connected using gold wires, while the implementation of copper holders for every LED unit further enhances operational stability.

Excellent Power Supply

The device features water resistance and exceptional stability, enabling it to efficiently convert electric current into the precise voltage, current, and frequency required for optimal performance. It also supports a comprehensive control system that encompasses Nogier frequencies and customizable pulse frequencies ranging from 0 to 10,000Hz.

Elaborate Circuits Layout

The design of each wire enables effortless insertion and removal, facilitating seamless component replacement. This not only enhances our sales service efficiency and customer satisfaction but also contributes to cost savings in the event of any unexpected issues or beyond the warranty period.

Round Corner Design

The design provides a softer tactile experience and enhances safety compared to a right-angled design.

Protective Feet

The rubber protective feet at the bottom and rear are specifically engineered to offer superior skid and collision protection.

No Protruding Screws

The design provides a softer tactile experience and enhances safety compared to a right-angled design.

Multiple Using Methods

1.Hanging on the wall with the free kit

2.Stand with acrylic panel

3.Horizontal and verticle mounting with multi-functional mobile stand

4. Use with versatile electric stand

The versatile electric stand enables flexible hanging positions, including horizontal, vertical, and inclined orientations, with adjustable height.

Standard Package Inlcudes

1 x Light Therapy Device
1 x Remote Controller
1 x Power Cord
1 x Protection Goggles
1 x Wall Hanging Kit

Model Name BP70 BP210 BP300 BP560 BP840
Frame Material Aluminum Alloy
Input Voltage 100 -240 V 50 / 60 Hz
Rated Power 350W 1050W 1500W 2800W 4200W
Power Consumption 91W 273W 390W 728W 1092W
Lamp Dimensions 322 x 216 x 71mm
(12.7 x 8.5 x 2.79in)
880 x 216 x 71mm
(34.6 x 8.5 x 2.79in)
880 x 276 x 71mm
(34.6 x 10.87 x 2.79in)
1159 x 415 x 71mm
(45.6 x 16.3 x 2.79in)
1717 x 415 x 71mm
(67.6 x 16.3 x 2.79in)
Lamp Weight 4.2kg (9.3lb) 8.6kg (19lb) 11.8kg (26lb) 18.5kg  (40.8lb) 32kg (70.5lb)
Wavelengths (nm) 630 +660 +810 +830 +850
LED Quantity 70 210 300 560 840
Chips Distribution 7 +28 +4 +3 +28 21 +84 +12 +9 +84 30 +120 +15 +30 +105 56 +224 +32 +24 +224 84 +336 +48 +36 +336
Lens Beam Angle 30 Degree
Irradiance 150mW / cm² @ 6″
125mW / cm² @ 12″
111mW / cm² @ 18″
87mW / cm² @ 24″
148mW / cm² @ 6″
134mW / cm² @ 12″
120mW / cm² @ 18″
97mW / cm² @ 24″
160mW / cm² @ 6″
151mW / cm² @ 12″
130mW / cm² @ 18″
113mW / cm² @ 24″
152mW / cm² @ 6″
131mW / cm² @ 12″
117mW / cm² @ 18″
101mW / cm² @ 24″
164mW / cm² @ 6″
155mW / cm² @ 12″
139mW / cm² @ 18″
126mW / cm² @ 24″
EMF 0 μT @ 3″
Cooling Fans 1pcs 2pcs 2pcs 4pcs 8pcs
Sound level ≤52dB @ 6″
Flicker Free V
Photon Selection 1) Red + NIR; 2) Red; 3) NIR
Timer 0 – 30 Min
Dimmer 0 – 100%
Pulse Frequency 0 – 10,000 Hz
Remote V
Protective Goggles V
Modular Design X (Basal panel) V V V V
Cascading Design V V V V V
Using Method 1) Standalone
2) Tabletop stand
1) Door hanging
2) Floor stand
3) Manual stand
4) Electric stand
1) Door hanging
2) Floor stand
3) Manual stand
4) Electric stand
1) Wall hanging
2) Floor stand
3) Manual stand
4) Electric stand
1) Wall hanging
2) Floor stand
3) Manual stand
4) Electric stand
Best For Targeted areas Half body Half body Full body Full body
Lifespan 100,000 Hours
Warranty 3 Years